What do MEPs work on?

Resolutions can take a long time to find their way through the legislative procedure. Long before subjects finally get voted upon in the European Parliament, MEPs work on numerous dossiers, handled by parliamentary commissions.
The topics these dossiers covered reflect the work of the European institutions as dossiers can originate from several institutions.

This website allows you to see what subjects have mainly be tackled by the EU parliament over the last legislature (exact date range): did MEPs took the financial system crisis seriously? Did it work so much on economic issues that it dropped gender equality matters? Was climate change a major preoccupation?
You can also see what countries or parties mainly worked on a specific topic or, reversely what topics a country or party has mainly worked on. Did Spain focus on job losses or employment? Who has mainly been working on tax evasion? Were nationalists concerned with border controls? How much did the green parties work on other topics than climate?
Positions are not shown in these visualisations which merely reflect the amount of times a dossier has been discussed on the subject and which groups and parties are interested in it.

Citizens, NGOs, journalists...: find answers to these questions here, the analysis is then up to you!